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General Spec for Custom Design LCD

We supply custom design and standard COB, COG, TAB, FSTN, STN, HTN, TN, DFSTN, DSTN and ASTN, HTN, CSTN and FS EBTN, Mono and Color EBTN (VA) displays, TFT, backlight and capacitive touch panels to various countries and a number of prestige customers.

With the rich experience all these years and also keep pace with the technology advancement on the time, we specialize in making custom-designed LCD, develop new projects from concepts to design, engineering sample, mass production and quality assurance in order to ensure full customers satisfactions.

Different technologies used under various conditions.

Brief Comparison of Different Technologies

  • Category:TN / STN / FSTN / DFSTN / DSTN / ASTN / EBTN / FS EBTN / HTN / CSTN / TFT
  • MUX Ratio: 1-16 for TN/HTN; 16-240 for STN/FSTN/DFSTN; 16-128 for DSTN/ASTN; 1-64 (MLA) for EBTN; 1-2 for FS EBTN; 320 x 480 Dots for TFT
  • Extreme High Contrast Ratio: 80-1,000 (Recommended: EBTN)
  • Voltage Range: 2.0-32V
  • Temperature Range: -40°C-105°C

Feature Highlights:

  • TN: Well-developed Process, Low Cost
  • DFSTN / DSTN: Support Complicated Design

Please send an email to us for  the  technology characteristics in detail.


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