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Nichia Partners Infineon to Create Micro LED Automotive Lights with Adaptive Driving Beams

With Nichia’s LED and driver IC from Infineon, advanced automotive front light with Micro LED enables safer driving and innovative application. The two companies announced that they have started the development of a high-definition (HD) light engine with more than 16,000 Micro LEDs for front light applications.

According to Nichia, the Micro LED-based matrix light will offer a resolution about 180 times higher compared to current front light solution, paving the way for improved safety features. For example, HD light can be used to warn the driver of hazards by highlighting people or objects on the roadside. It can project marks on the road to help the driver navigate route when the roads are not clear enough.

(Image: Nichia)

Infineon claimed that its chip can individually control and diagnose all 16,000 Micro LEDs used in the light. In addition, the new solution will significantly increase energy efficiency as it allows each LED to be turned on only when it is needed in different light patterns. Current micro-mirrors solutions turn on all LEDs and deflect surplus light.

The production launch of the new HD light engine is planned for 2023 as part of Nichia’s automotive LED and laser portfolio.


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