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Our Factory

Production Line:

☆ Clean Room class 10k@0.8um, Pressurec 0.8kgf

☆ Antistatic floor, resistance : 1x10 ohm to 1x10 ohm

☆ COG production lines: 6 .

☆ Backlight production lines: 3

☆ Existing machine capacity will be 2KK per month.

***In compliance with ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management

***One year's guarantee for unartificial damage

1: Small lcd display screen

2: Reasonable price

3: Large capacity

4: Certificate ISO; Rohs, REACH

5: Dimension as customer request

6: STN blue small lcd display screen

The following pictures are the production site




Contact: Mrs. Echo

Phone: 86-138-27213376

Tel: 86-769-81581872


Add: Shangyu Commercial Centre ChangAn, Dongguan, Guangdong, China 523881

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