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Plessey Produces Micro LED Display with 2.5 Micron Pixel Pitch

Fine pitch display is becoming a trend in the panel market with more and more manufacturers developing advanced display products and technology solutions. GaN-on-Si Micro LED specialist Plessey announced that it has produced a record-breaking 2.5-micron pixel pitch ultra-high resolution Micro LED display for AR/VR wearable applications.

Plessey created an ultra-fine, ultra-high resolution 2000×2000 pixel display on a 2.5 microns pitch with its propriety monolithic GaN-on-Si technology. The UK-based company is dedicated to embedded Micro LED technology for AR/VR display applications. Micro LED is featured with high brightness and high contrast, allowing comfortable outdoor viewing. Moreover, it only consumes 20 percent of energy compared to conventional LCOS or DLP displays.

(Image: Plessey)

GaN-on-Si technology brings many benefits. The low thermal resistance of the silicon substrates allows highly efficient heat extraction resulting in lower junction temperatures with high reliability. The technology also allows impressive energy efficiency, high resolution and unsurpassed contrast. With its similarity to large scale Silicon IC processing the technology can be scaled to progressively larger wafers, improving cost, uniformity and yield and taking advantage of the latest advances in Silicon wafer processing tools of the volume IC industry.

Plessey has reached other technology breakthroughs with its monolithic Micro LED. In March, the company announced the development of a native Green using GaN-on-Si which naturally emits Blue light. Following in May at SID Display Week 2019, Plessey showcased the world’s first monolithic GaN-on-silicon Micro LED emissive display with an 8-micron pitch bonded to a backplane for a full active matrix.


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