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LCD Display Panel Industry Major Good: Panel To End The Fall, The Fastest February Next Year Shouting Up

The research firm, with the latest panel offer in december, has made a total drop in prices since the research firm, the witsview, announced the latest panel offer in december. The market is expected to continue in the first quarter of next year and the second quarter of the year.

The panel-like unit, led by the "panel double-tiger" group and the Alumda, showed a strong rally yesterday (9 days) with the help of Litigado, of which, more than 180,000 large numbers of the Youda's lunch-board, once more than 9.03 yuan (the new currency) turned on and stopped, and the volume of the group broke through 200,000, It's up to 8% before the lunch. 

In February, the price of the panel came out of the furnace, and the price of the TV panel remained steady for two consecutive months, said Qiu Yubin, vice-president of the research and research department, and the sales situation on Friday was good, and it is expected that the smooth trend of the TV panel will continue to the first quarter. 

It is expected that the television panel will have an opportunity to rebound in February, under the drive of large-scale sports events such as the new machine's stock and the Olympics. The price of the panel in the third quarter of the panel collapsed,32%,55%, and so on. The price of the panel was accelerated to the bottom, and the price of the panel in November was all down. 

The price of the panel remained stable in December. In terms of several dimensions, the 32-meter panel offers about $32, and is the first size to see a $1, a 43-panel average of about $67, and a 55-panel average of about $101.

 Although the price of the TV panel is down, the price of the market is still lower than the cost. Moreover, in the third quarter of the factory, the bottom of the plant began to expand its output, while the fourth quarter's capacity utilization was still at a low point this year, and will also affect the performance of the face-plate mill's gross interest rate, and the market is expected to increase slightly in the fourth quarter of the board plant. 



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